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App Navigation and Jetpack: The 2022 Android Developer Roadmap Part3 by Jaewoong Eum

We will continue stabilizing it by compiling more projects and fixing bugs and performance issues. The plan is to have the K2/JVM compiler public preview up and running by Spring 2022. The Alpha version will provide a preview of the new plugin infrastructure that will allow the community to build more tools. There are multiple ways to develop applications for Android; you can go down the path of hybrid application development where Flutter, React-Native, or NativeScript are the most common contenders. Maintainers of JVM Tool Interface (JVM TI) agents should note that JVM TI now specifies that the ThreadStart and ThreadEnd events are not sent for virtual threads. This is different from when virtual threads were a preview feature in Java SE 19 and Java SE 20.

Kotlin developer roadmap

Logging of the information is enabled when the logging level of the System#getLogger(String) named java.lang.ProcessBuilder is System.Logger.Level.DEBUG or Logger.Level.TRACE. When enabled for Level.DEBUG, only the process id, directory, command, and stack trace are logged. When enabled for Level.TRACE, the command arguments are included with the process id, directory, command, and stack trace. Issue warnings when agents are loaded dynamically into a running JVM. These warnings aim to prepare users for a future release which disallows the dynamic loading of agents by default in order to improve integrity by default.

Kotlin News: 1.8.0 Is Here, Roadmap for 2023, KotlinDL on Android, and More!

Kotlin also include Lot of new features and libraries that is not present in Java. We’ve already prototyped most of the required components to create a simple garbage collector. The next step is to write a multithreading-capable garbage collector implementation. But we still aim to release it to the public later this year to start gathering feedback. If you want to know more, Roman Elizarov just published the post that has much more detail about the current state of our garbage collector and future plans. Prior to JDK 21, the javac compiler did not always mark method parameters as synthetic or mandated when applicable.

Kotlin developer roadmap

We have also listed down some free resources which you can use for the items listed in the image above. Also, you don’t need to go through all of them, just go through them and pick what you like. For the languages, you can develop Android apps either by using Kotlin or Java. The implementation of java.util.Formatter for double and float conversions to decimal (‘e’, ‘E’, ‘f’, ‘g’, ‘G’) is now aligned with the one in Double.toString(double), which was changed in JDK 19.

Pick a Language

It’s able to compile huge JVM production projects such as Kotlin itself and IntelliJ IDEA. For those projects, the compilation speed is twice as fast on average. Below is the broken down version of the roadmap with links and resources to learn more about each of the items listed in the complete roadmap above.

Kotlin developer roadmap

We want to build our plans on your feedback and ideas, so don’t hesitate to share them with us via YouTrack, Slack, or other channels. This project doesn’t cover everything, so if something is missing or should be fixed, anyone can contribute to this project by following the CONTRIBUTING guides. Some items were removed from the roadmap but not dropped completely. In some cases, we’ve merged previous roadmap items with the current ones.

Building an Application

As the number of features in a project increases, the lines of code and code cohesiveness increase accordingly. Application architecture extensively affects your project’s complexity, scalability, and robustness and makes it easier to test. By defining the boundaries between each layer, you can define their responsibilities clearly and separate each responsibility by modularizing them as dedicated roles.

Kotlin developer roadmap

Under the hood, Room is a persistence library, which provides an abstraction layer over the SQLite database. In software engineering dependency injection is a technique in which one object supplies the dependencies of another object. As can be seen from the image, the navigation component makes navigation look easy. Most apps contain multiple screens through which the user navigates using screen gestures, button clicks, and so on.

Architecture Components

The configuration of the System Apps may vary depending on the mobile phone manufacturer. This project includes a demo project which shows the roadmap image. The 2022 Android Developer Roadmap is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the current Android ecosystem and provides suggested learning paths along the way to help you grasp the concepts.

  • The instances returned by HttpClient.newHttpClient(), and the instances built from HttpClient.newBuilder(), provide a best effort implementation for these methods.
  • Structured concurrency treats groups of related tasks running in different threads as a single unit of work, thereby streamlining error handling and cancellation, improving reliability, and enhancing observability.
  • Having said that, we would love to hear your opinions and incorporate them into the roadmap if suitable.
  • The documentation provides links to guides/tutorials that will walk you through the basics of an Android application while also establishing proper coding practices in Kotlin.
  • The JShell tool for interactive exploration of Java code has been enhanced with a new predefined script, TOOLING.
  • This concludes part three of the 2022 Android Developer Roadmap.

You can also build desired HTTP requests easily by supporting URL, header manipulation, the request method, and the body with Retrofit annotations. Also, by attaching a pluggable Converter.Factory, you can serialize all JSON responses easily without the need to write boilerplate code. OkHttp was developed by Square and is an HTTP client for JVM and Android built with Okio internally, which is a modern I/O library for Android, Java, and Kotlin Multiplatform.

Kotlin Android Developer Roadmap

Again, don’t be intimidated by the amount of information on this roadmap. In this section, you covered the overall architecture of the Android platform. Also, it provides solutions like Lifecycle, UI toolkit, Navigation, Security, Caching, Scheduler, Dependency Injection, and a lot more.

Now, if you are ready to move forward with your endeavor of learning it, the next buzz is to start learning IDEs so that you can conveniently start with real-time app development. Developed by JetBrains, the language fully support the app development environment and is compatible with other app programming languages. Also, you don’t have to learn all there is to know about the Android operating system. However, understanding the overall Android platform architecture will definitely help you to build better Android applications. Every Android project must have an AndroidManifest.xml file which describes essential information about the application such as the package name, entry points, components, permissions, and metadata. For example, if you’re an EAP user, you may have noticed that IntelliJ IDEA EAP releases don’t support preview versions of upcoming Kotlin releases.

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