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Having called for editing and you may programming, i entered research on desktop having fun with SPSS adaptation 11

Having called for editing and you may programming, i entered research on desktop having fun with SPSS adaptation 11

5. Required tests are did subsequently by way of volume studies to test study surface and you will destroyed data. Regardless of if first entryway contributed to particular missing study entry, i inserted forgotten analysis throughout the questionnaire following the serial amount tasked, just before study entry, to each of the accumulated questionnaire. At analysis stage, i distributed regularity across the other qualities in addition to dependent variable. I also did bi-variate studies to spot the connections out of adolescent relationship pregnancy (Desk 1). In connection with this, we sensed logistic regression research because oriented and you will separate variables was categorical. not, we did not limit aside investigation so you can bi-variate relationships, because bi-variate research only informs the connection anywhere between a couple of details, which may be considered as prejudice relatives because of determine away from additional factors that is unobserved during the bi-variate relationships. To determine the fresh new separate perception from independent variables, i did multiple-variate logistic regression data. All of the details included in the bi-variate studies, were used in new multiple-variate analysis. In the multi-variate analysis, we used go into approach. Consequence of multi-variate logistic study was exhibited during the Desk dos.

Adolescent relationship pregnancy

Three 5th members (72.5%) old 15-29 many years knowledgeable marital pregnancy in this (perhaps not shown), with a hateful ages of ages (SD = dos.813). Bi-variate logistic regression studies showed that participants’ teenage pregnancy varied by the more qualities (Desk step one). Members aged 20-24 ages had high chances getting teenage relationship pregnancy (Or step 1.410, 95% CI 0.860 to 2.311) however, results wasn’t mathematically significant, whereas players old 25-31 ages got significant lower likelihood of teenage maternity (Otherwise = 0.065, 95% CI 0.019 so you can 0.220). Experienced people got tall straight down odds proportion regarding adolescent marital pregnancy (Or 0.276, 95% CI 0.115 in order to 0.664) as compared to the ignorant equivalents. Regardless of if performing people were less inclined to feel teenage relationship maternity, influence was not statistically significant. Players wished for more than several college students have been more likely to experience teenage marital pregnancy (Or 2.899, 95% CI step 1.811 to 4.640) as compared to members wished for two children. Members having knowledgeable partner was basically much less gonna sense adolescent marital pregnancy (Or 0.369, 95% CI 0161 to 0.845). Professionals produced into the area got lower habit of experience adolescent marital pregnancy (Otherwise 0.257, 95% CI 0.151 to help you 0.438). Furthermore, participants confronted by one, and most you to mass media have been less inclined to experience adolescent marital maternity (Or 0.280, 95% CI 0.131 to 0.597 and you may 0R 0.449, 95% CI 0.277 in order to 0.728 respectively).

Multivariate connections out-of adolescent pregnancy

Multivariate logistic regression study are did to identify the factors affecting adolescent relationship pregnancy (Table 2). Just like bi-variate influence, people aged 20-24 many years got high possibilities (Otherwise 1.971, 95% CI step 1.132 to three.434) if you find yourself players aged twenty five-31 ages had all the way down likelihood (Or 0.054, 95% CI 0.016 so you’re able to 0.190) from teenage marital pregnancy as compared to users aged fifteen-19 years old. Similar to that of bi-variate effect, people need having >dos college students was basically significantly more likely to sense adolescent marital pregnancy compared to the new member need for a few pupils (Otherwise step 3.573, 95% CI step 1.910 so you’re able to 6.684). Participants born from inside the urban area were along with decreased likely to feel adolescent marital maternity (Otherwise 0.458, 95% CI 0.228 to help you 0.919), and this is exactly like you to definitely for the bi-variate research. Not any longer parameters did actually has actually significant affect adolescent relationship pregnancy when you look at the multivariate logistic regression studies.


This study found that most the players got educated teenage marital maternity. Every pregnancies occurred on chronilogical age of 15-19 age, that is in line with another analysis presented into the outlying regions of Bangladesh, in which indicate many years in the beginning delivery was seemingly down . Adolescent pregnancy was also apparently higher within the United states contained in this many years group, i.elizabeth., 94 pregnancies per 1000 teens . This new indicate age of adolescent maternity one of many high fertility contributing female is actually ages, which is nearly like a separate analysis presented inside the Equador in which reported suggest years is actually 16.five years . The fresh said suggest age at marital maternity, in the present research, demonstrates that nonetheless certain marriage ceremonies occur on lower than 18 many years of minimum judge age that could join large virility later on since early relationship pregnancy ong such women, Finn ut dette her considering women can be fecund and don’t have fun with family members thought approach.