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Dear Dayna,

I always desired to choose a lesbian bar, but I’m nervous that I am not cool adequate. How you mention it’s very remarkable and enjoyable and stunning, but I’m scared I’m too introverted regarding scene. And even easily could get myself to a bar, i do believe I would personally throw up easily tried to hit on a girl. I absolutely like to just go and it’s the perfect time and find a girlfriend, but my personal personal anxiousness keeps getting back in the way in which. Preciselywhat are some pointers for a first and initial time nerdy lesbian?

– Lesbian Urkle

Dear Lesbian Urkle,

I may possess respect of offering guidance as a lesbian intercourse and online dating publisher, but oh honey!
We panic my personal means through existence
, so you’ve reach the right place for support. Though i will be an anxious hottie, we however frequently head out, turn-up and hook up. Exactly how, you ask? Follow these simple actions: Have a look gorgeous, beverage and push you to ultimately keep in touch with strangers.

First things initially:
Needed a unique getup
. I won’t lay to you —
yes, lesbian bars can be intimidating.
Certainly, the world feels a tiny bit cliquish. Certainly, girls are hot and dressed impeccably. However you know what more? Those same girls tend to be individuals like everyone else and me personally. They are out over celebrate like everyone else and myself.  Plus they are probably cruising for intercourse exactly like you and myself. Guess what happens more?
You’ll be just like cool and swaggy should you decide overcome your stress and anxiety.

When you have scored a hot brand-new outfit (might I suggest black colored denim jeans and a leather-jacket to play it classic lez classy?), it is the right time to take in. We never said this was healthy information! I am a nightlife lez, not an exercise lez. Drinking loosens you up, reduces the inhibitions and heightens your confidence. But don’t take in excessively. You believe you may have personal anxiety today, woman? It’s absolutely nothing compared to the crushing-chest-head-fog-panic-shame-spiral you will feel in the event that you awake tomorrow maybe not remembering yesterday evening. You have a five-drink max, hottie.

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More critical than sipping will be nice. We regularly become major mean-girl-mode as a defense apparatus based on how insecure I happened to be experiencing. I’d scowl at anyone that viewed me personally. I acted like I happened to be too-good to talk to strangers. Now Im always smiling and tell hi everyone else. It’s a lot easier and more enjoyable. I understand it is easier to put your tough-babe armour on if you are experiencing stressed, but getting susceptible and sort is a far greater method to socialize and luxuriate in yourself.

Living my fab existence has actually taught me a really important things: it isn’t that severe. Like, there is nothing. Specifically nightlife! Every day life is quick. Nothing you do will truly matter (okay, now the Jenny Schecter in me personally is on its way out, cut the nihilism). In a nutshell, just say pick it, and enjoy yourself. I think inside you. Of course, if you find me personally around, appear state hi!



Self-proclaimed dyke princess Dayna Troisi is actually satisfied is Associate publisher at GO mag. This woman is passionate about lesbian intercourse + dating, beauty + fashion, and her badass bionic arm. Counsel available in this line is supposed for informative functions merely and must not replace or replacement for any health, and other qualified advice or assistance.

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