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Technical Skills: 40 Useful Performance Feedback Phrases

Feedback to participants the results of the meeting and provide a record of the meeting for their review and comments. This ensures that decisions, actions, and assignments were accurately documented. Stakeholder involvement is needed to participate and to fill the various roles for the technical reviews. A formal technical review will follow a series of activities similar to that specified in clause 5 of IEEE 1028, essentially summarised in the article on software review. The future of work will not be determined by technology, but by creating the right mix of education, exposure, and experience needed to develop skills and put them to work, creating a vastly more productive workplace and economy.

Tailoring for each plan is reviewed and updated as needed. Assignmentsare documented and sent out as part of the feedback to the participants. This feedback should have a definition of the action item and a planned date for completion.

Technical Review Characteristics:

The good news is that we have the power to conduct consistently effective technical reviews. This article summarizes why we do reviews and what often goes wrong in reviews, and then summarizes steps to take before, during, and after technical reviews that can help you conduct effective team technical reviews. Although your process and team may differ from what’s described here, you can apply the information in part or in whole to improve your current review process. Peer reviews are distinct from management reviews, which are conducted by management representatives rather than by colleagues and for management and control purposes rather than for technical evaluation.

technical review meaning

The ground rules for the meeting should be reviewed prior to discussion, starting with unresolved action items from the previous review. At the close of the meeting, summarize all decisions, actions, and assignments, review agenda items, and assignments for the next meeting. In CMMI, peer reviews are used as a principal means of verification in the Verification process area and as an objective evaluation method in the Process and Product Quality Assurance process area. The results of technical peer reviews can be reported at milestone reviews. This would be the time and place to monitor, review, and take action on both technical and project management metrics that were set up for the phase currently in progress. The purpose of a technical review is to arrive at a technically superior version of the work product reviewed, whether by correction of defects or by recommendation or introduction of alternative approaches.

Help Your Employees Develop the Skills They Really Need

We know that, after decades of trying, skills related to lean manufacturing, agile development and overcoming unconscious bias, just to name a few, are woefully under-adopted in most organizations. In fact, a recent report by McKinsey found that 87% of firms surveyed expect to have a skills gap in the next five years. In an age of disruption, the only viable strategy is to adapt, and that has never been more true than it is today. A generation ago, the half-life of the value of a skill was approximately 26 years. So, it is perhaps not surprising that, globally, corporations are expected to invest more than $380 billion in learning and development programs this year. Technical review means detailed scrutiny ensuring a proposal or activity adheres to required standards and guidelines.

The meetings may be informal with the project manager and/or traffic engineer in a review of progress. The feedback may be just a summary of the meeting minutes. The process for conducting technical review meaning review meetings should be established in the Project Plan/SEMP and carried out the same way for each review. The differences in reviews would be in the content and level of formality.

The 70/20/10 Learning Model

This is especially true of line managers of the author or other participants in the review. A policy of encouraging management to stay out of peer reviews encourages the peer review team to concentrate on the product being reviewed and not on the people or personalities involved. As communication specialists, we can–and should–take steps to facilitate communication throughout the review process, which is the core of a successful review. A plan is developed for the technical reviews of a project. There are two philosophies about the vested interest of the inspectors in the product under review.

technical review meaning

We list many below, then combine them into one or more market-standard definitions. Purpose for the meeting must be clearly established with expected outcomes. Customer or user representatives may fill roles determined by the Review Leader prior to the review.


The term formal technical review is sometimes used to mean a software inspection. A ‘Technical Review’ may also refer to an acquisition lifecycle event or Design review. Define the purpose, objectives, and the intended outcomes of the meeting. Prepare an agenda, identifying participants and their roles and distributing the agenda and background material.

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Technical reviews are used to identify design defects, suggest alternative approaches, communicate status, monitor risk, and coordinate activities within multi-disciplinary teams. Mention team technical reviews to a group of tech writers and chances are good that you will either get a loud, collective groan, or the group will vie to tell the best review horror story. On the one hand, technical reviews are a vital part of our jobs because they help us to produce high quality product documents. On the other hand, technical reviews gone wrong are the bane of our existence.

Examples of Technical Review Process in a sentence

🤔 Our AI Legal Assistant has combined and improved the above descriptions to create market-standard ‘Genie definitions’ below, with guidance on which documents and which industry to use for each. Concept of Operations review ensures that the operation of the system being defined is appropriate, and addresses the needs of the stakeholders. This is a critical review, as the concept of operations will identify the operational needs, needed agreements, candidate external interfaces, and maintenance responsibilities. Tutorials Point is a leading Ed Tech company striving to provide the best learning material on technical and non-technical subjects.

  • This review verifies that the project architecture is consistent with the regional architecture.
  • Determine whether or not another review is required If there are minimal changes, suggest that the leader check the changes and sign off, rather than convening another meeting.
  • This ensures that decisions, actions, and assignments were accurately documented.
  • The purpose of the meeting should be clearly stated, an updated agenda provided to the attendees, and a roster that documents the attendees present with up to date contact information [email, phone number, organization].

This is a major review since when completed, the detailed design is ready for implementation. This is sometimes called the CDR [Critical Design Review]. Review of decisions includes the documented acceptance; re-work with comments, and deviations and waivers to the phase products by the participants of the technical review. Project Review Planwill identify how technical reviews will be carried out for the project. Project Plan/SEMPcontains the process used to perform technical reviews.

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The minute taker, if needed, should follow up with the attendees to make sure the minutes are as complete as possible. These minutes and any supporting material should distributed back to the attendees promptly for review and comment. Assignments should be completed, and periodic progress checks on critical action items from the meeting. Carry over unresolved actions with status and recommended resolutions. Resolve direct issues in the meeting, if possible If the project team disagrees about how to present a piece of information, for example, discuss it and come to agreement about wording or presentation during the meeting. Determine whether or not another review is required If there are minimal changes, suggest that the leader check the changes and sign off, rather than convening another meeting.

technical review meaning

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